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Rewards Program

It Pays to Be a Loyal Shopper at HatForEveryLady.com!

We are pleased to welcome you to our Rewards Club at HatForEveryHat.com.***

Earn points whenever you make a purchase – redeem these points for cash on your future purchases.

The current reward ratio is:

For every $1 you spend (after discounts, excludes shipping and taxes), you get 100 points.

For every 100 Points you have, they will be converted at a rate of 0.01% on your next purchase, or you can choose to continue to accumulate your points even further.

For example, suppose you make a purchase of an item for $49.99 (after discounts):

You will earn 100 x $49.99 = 4,999 points on your purchase.

On your next purchase you will be able to save:

0.01% x 4,999 = $0.50.

It’s like getting a 1% cash back on your current purchase.

The more you shop the more you can save!


***Rewards Points Terms and Conditions:

The Reward Points are calculated on the net sale price of the item only and exclude shipping and taxes. If an item is on sale, the reward points are going to be applied to the sale price of the item. The Rewards Club promotion is subject to change or cancellation at any time and without prior notice. Rewards and Exchange ratios are subject to change or cancellation at any time and without notice. No compensation shall be issued in the event that the Rewards Club shall be discontinued. All outstanding Points values shall become null and void if the Rewards Club shall be discontinued.

The Points and their Exchanged Ratio do not have real cash value and can not be redeemed for cash. The Points discount shall be applied to a future purchase by you.

Your points shall be tracked in a separate database. When you wish to redeem your points, please send us an email at info@hatforeverylady.com stating you wish to redeem your points. We will confirm with you your total available points and issue to you a Voucher you can use during the Checkout process.























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